China Wholesale Watches

There is an enormous amount of trade between the United States and China. For Americans looking to buy watches wholesale, you will find great opportunities in China’s export market. Because the export sector there is so developed, there is already an existing infrastructure for making business connections in China and transporting goods back and forth.

While Chinese wholesalers compete aggressively for their American clients and value their business abroad, it is important to be informed about buying wholesale from China before you begin importing watches. Here are some important things to consider before and during your importing venture.


China exports tens of billions of dollars worth of goods to the United States every year. China’s economy is export driven and much of its infrastructure is set up to support the export sector. There are a multitude of companies that can supply wholesale watches so finding one will not be a problem. They will have existing means of transport that they use and an agreement can be reached with regards to the point of payment for receiving the goods.

Some research should be done on the industry and the reputation of the different suppliers in it. You may even want to contact another importer in the United States and ask hem about their experiences importing wholesale watches from China. You want to find an exporter who has a history exporting watches to the United States and has a good selection of merchandise.

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The reason China is such a powerhouse in exporting merchandise to the world is because it can offer prices lower than anyone else in the market. China’s vast supply of cheap labor allows them produce labor-intensive products at a fraction of the cost that their international competitors have to pay. Additionally, it is an economic policy of the Chinese government to support a weak currency in order to make local goods more attractive to foreign buyers.

This decreases the relative cost of Chinese made goods to American wholesale purchasers even more. While some countries have criticized these policies and called for change, it has nevertheless made buying goods from China a better deal for American purchasers and increased the volume of Chinese exports to the U.S.

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The variety of goods that China exports is wide, but some segments make up a larger slice of the export pie than others. Merchandise such as clothing and watches make up a very significant portion of China’s overall exports. Within the watch market itself there numerous types of different models and brands that are available.

Try to find out what types of watches are in the highest demand back home before you start your search for a wholesaler. You can find virtually any type you are looking for in China. The important thing is to be able to sell it once you get it back to the United States. And having a network of both suppliers and retailers will ensure that you will get the best prices on both ends and that you will always keep the watches moving.

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Before you begin receiving your wholesale merchandise from China, you should begin contacting retail outlets in the United States. Once you have the watches is your possession you will want to move them quickly in order to cover the expense of the merchandise and avoid costly storage fees. Once you have a finished selling your first order, do a little more research. Find out if you are making a profit on each item sold and if so, how much.

You will want to continually foster relationships with other wholesalers and retailers. Stay up to date on what prices are currently being paid by other retailers. Also stay current on what exporters in China are offering. The export business can sometimes offer some exceptional bargains for those ready and waiting to snatch them up. Once everything is going well and you feel like you have the process under control, consider increasing the size of your orders to get a more competitive price.