China Wholesale Toys

Toys have a tremendous impact in the lives of children. They help to form skills relating to physical and mental development. Toys can be great influences in building creativity and stimulating cognitive skills. The toy business is one of the most lucrative and successful opportunities for foreign trade. Great savings can be realized by buying toys from foreign suppliers and manufacturers. The market is wide open for China suppliers to provide the latest in the most popular toys and gifts for all ages.

The best toys can be purchased at a fraction of cost using resources available through China manufacturers. The wholesale toy business is a wonderful business venture especially with the changes in our economy from the workplace to entrepreneurship.

The industry is ever expanding, as now there are categories of adult, teen, and children’s toys. With the advent of video game technologies, gamers have an entire industry where China suppliers can provide unparalleled quality and service at a most affordable price. This opens up more profit for the investor.

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Additionally there is an entire niche dedicated to virtual technology in the toy sector. Games can be easily accessed through the Internet or shopped, demonstrated, and purchased online. Resulting in 24-hour accessibility regardless of your time zone. The distance between the supplier and the retailer has been eliminated and shipping from around the world can now take place in a few days.

Opening up China Wholesale Toys and gifts merchandising is as simple as building a website with e-commerce built in that catalog the available products with description and prices. Once orders are made, then the China supplier can be contacted to ship the product to your destination or drop ship directly to your customers.

The customer can shop online and view all the product specifications and warranty information. This is a simple task with China Wholesale Toys as there is a huge toy manufacturing industry in China and multiple suppliers for nearly every product.

It is very important to check out suppliers carefully as the amount of global regulatory standards is quite limited. The number of illegal merchants that advertise and then leave buyers waiting indefinitely for product purchased is extensive. However, foreign businesses can be investigated or researched through the local U.S. Embassy for that country. Request information about the company’s history and the status of business licenses.

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Insurance and Product Liability

It is also quite important to establish insurance for shipping products to insure your products as well as verify that your distributor has adequate insurance. Protection against damaged goods or theft is very important to protect the financial interests of the business. Avoid becoming the middleman caught between the retailer and the insurance company or supplier.

Customer Loyalty

It is important to offer a guarantee of satisfaction to build credibility into customer service. Offer incentives for bulk orders or repeat orders. This will ensure customers return and recommend others. Handle refunds or exchanges with integrity. Quickly handle all problems to the customer’s satisfaction. It is very important to always have more than one supplier for a product. Be sure to offer customers a forum for asking questions and getting answers.

Business Relationship with China Wholesalers

The business relationship with China Wholesale Toy suppliers will be crucial to the success of the business. Always ask questions and follow through on getting the answers before any investment is made. If you can build that business relationship based on mutual respect and business benefits, a long-term profitable business relationship will result.

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How to Avoid Product Recalls

Lastly with the latest news about China suppliers offering substandard toys that contain toxic materials, it is wise to learn as much about the suppliers product as possible. Make sure the China Wholesale Toy supplier has established product standards and get reports on the latest audit or inspection of the supplier. Ask for information that details the types of materials used in the making of the toys that are being purchased.

All of this information should be readily accessible from a legitimate foreign supplier. If there is any question in your mind, conduct your own investigation through World Trade Organization resources before making a decision to continue business. Review the feedback of others business partners or the competition to determine if the information provided by the foreign supplier matches up with what customers and others in the industry are reporting.