China Wholesale Mobile Phones

Mobile phone might be the fastest growing industry in the entire world. In the developed countries, people are getting their first mobile phones at younger ages. In the undeveloped countries, more people are able to afford these phones as they become more affordable. And no matter where you live, your mobile phone has to be replaced every year or two. And that is the main reason why this industry is so fiercely competitive and demand for phones are rising so fast.

As technology advances at such a fast rate, there is a some new model of phone nearly every day. And mobile phones have become such an important part of the daily lives of people all over the globe that everyone wants the latest gadgets and most up to date technology.

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In large, undeveloped countries like China and India there are literally hundreds of millions of people who aspire to get a mobile phone or have one and are already customers. So it is only natural that in a country like China where the manufacturing base is so prevalent that companies would start producing low cost mobile phones to supply their own population and export abroad. The mobile phone industry in China is able to benefit from the same cheap labor that other manufacturing industries use to compete in world markets.

Mobile phones may be electronic devices that are considered high technology, but manufacturing them is still a labor intensive process that requires fairly skilled workers who are willing and able to spend long periods of time conducting the repetitive movements of putting the phone parts together.

The vast pool of Chinese workers available allows companies in China to effectively man their factories and produce a high output of mobile phones at low prices relative to their international competitors. So China enjoys a substantial cost advantage over other countries in mobile phone production. Anyone who would like to import wholesale quantities of mobile phones to the United States should definitely look at China because of both their competitive prices and the established infrastructure they have of doing trade with the U.S.

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Before moving forward with your business plans of importing mobile phones wholesale from China, it is crucial that you study the logistics of importing and do any necessary research to ensure that your strategy is carefully planned from the beginning to the end. The first thing you need to do is understand what the demand function of for the product you are looking to wholesale.

For an importer like yourself you will be dealing with retailers of mobile phones so you may want to talk to them first. This will also give you an opportunity to establish a network of distributors once you receive your shipments. You want to inquire what type of demand these retailers are seeing from their customers, the end users of the mobile phones. Once you have an idea of what you can sell and what the retailers are willing to purchase, you need to find a supplier in China. This is not too difficult since there are so many mobile phone exporters, but you want to make sure that you find a company that has a good track record and supplies quality product.

Since mobile phones are electronic units they can be damaged at any point in the transportation process. You will need to have a clear understanding of what the terms are for any units that arrive damaged. After you find a company that has a reliable reputation and you make an agreement with them, then you are ready to start importing.

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You want to have as many retailers as you need to move your first shipment once you receive it. This is extremely important with all imported products, but even more so with electronics. All merchandise is subject to storage costs, but electronics such as cell phones become obsolete very quickly and if you are not able to sell them in time they could become worthless. Once you have your operations functioning smoothly you can always look for ways to streamline them and save money.