China Wholesale Imports

Every year China exports over $1.3 trillion worth of items to countries all around the world. A large majority of these items are bought as wholesale imports for resale in other countries at a profit. In this guide we shall look in more detail at China wholesale imports.

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What can you import wholesale from China?

You name it and you can almost certainly import it wholesale from China. China is renowned for quality mass production and they can offer such good prices on their retail items by producing and selling them in bulk.

While you can purchase almost anything wholesale from China they do specialize in mass production, so specialty custom products are not recommended for purchase from China unless you are working with a specialist.

The majority of their exports are office machines and data processing equipment – they earn around $134.5 billion from imports of these items each year. The second most popular export from China is wholesale telecommunications equipment – approximately $123.6 billion per year.

Approximately $95.4 billion worth of wholesale fashion and apparel items are exported around the world each year from China. However, these items are significantly cheaper than electronic items so while they may make less profit they produce more of these items than any other item.

We will look in more detail at some of the more popular importable wholesale items from China below.

Electronics China Wholesale Imports

A huge number of wholesale electronic items are imported from China around the world. The low cost of items from China mean that retailers and consumers in other countries can have maximum profit margins when purchasing their electronics from China.

However, you need to be careful when purchasing wholesale electronics items from China as their legal quality and safety standards are lower than those in countries such as the USA. Fortunately in recent years Chinese electronics companies have risen their standards and most produce items that conform to safety standards set by foreign countries.

Despite this you should always ensure that any electronic items you import from China are legal in your home country. Always get samples of the items before spending a lot of money buying them in bulk.

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Fashion and Apparel China Wholesale Imports

As we mentioned before, fashion and apparel are some of the most popular choices for wholesale imports from China thanks to the huge profit margins that they provide to retailers. The purchase and shipping costs are much lower than other items and they are very resalable in comparison to electronic items which can go out of date and decrease in value very quickly.

Online retail websites such as EBay have given huge opportunities to budding entrepreneurs around the world – and by importing wholesale fashion and apparel items from China at such low prices they have minimum set up costs and financial risks involved.

Where to find out more about China Wholesale Imports

The best place to find out more about China wholesale imports is on the internet. Almost all of the large wholesale export companies in China have their own websites whereby you can view and purchase items quickly and easily.

A quick internet search should bring you back plenty of results that you can look through. You are always advised to do your research before making any purchases and where possible you should get as many referrals and positive customer feedback as possible. There are many forums on the internet where you can speak to other retailers about wholesalers – who’s good and who’s not.

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B2B and China Wholesale Imports

B2B refers to the term ‘business-to-business’ – which means transactions between two businesses. In this case that would be a wholesaler and a retailer. The term B2C (business-to-consumer) is also used but is not as common in the wholesale world.

Many Chinese wholesale exporters have B2B platforms on their websites whereby you can access their websites using a secure password to view their prices and make purchases. Using the B2B platform you can also speak directly to customer service representatives for the wholesalers using either instant messaging or via voice chat. This service is usually provided 24/7 to cater for their customers that are located in all different time zones.