China Wholesale Free Shipping

Buying wholesale from China has a huge range of benefits – both to business owners and consumers. The costs of production are very low in China meaning the profits can be passed on to you. In this guide we shall look at wholesale in China in regards to free shipping.

Purchasing Wholesale Items from China

If you run your own business or are planning on starting one up – then the best way to make a profit is to purchase the products you want to sell wholesale.

By purchasing in bulk directly from the manufacturer you cut out the middle man that you get when you purchase items at retail price.

One of the most popular places to purchase wholesale items from is China – as the production costs are incredibly low meaning the savings are passed on to you to offer you fantastic competitive prices.

Below we shall look at the shipping costs involved in purchasing wholesale from China.

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Shipping Costs for Wholesale Items from China

Many people are put off from buying wholesale items from China as they have the misconception that shipping costs will be very high. However this is not the case, and shipping from China can often be significantly cheaper than if you were to have an item posted to you from within your own country.

The cost of purchasing wholesale items in China is almost always lower than purchasing from any other country in the world – and usually by a large margin. Even if you are charged shipping costs for your wholesale items you will almost always still find that you have made a significant saving and your profit margins will be higher compared to purchasing your products locally.

Although it seems illogical, usually the more items you purchase the cheaper the shipping is. This isn’t always the case, however many wholesalers in China use this as an incentive to purchase larger numbers of the items. It can often work out cheaper with shipping to purchase say 20 items than it does to purchase 2 items.

Shipping costs are not very high in China as most of the wholesale factories are located close to transportation routes such as in Beijing and the southern coast of China where cargo ships leave regularly. Large cargo airplanes also regularly leave China taking items around the world. The key to wholesale in China is mass. The more they make and the more they need to send the cheaper it becomes.

So how about free shipping – does this exist when purchasing wholesale from China?

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Can you get free shipping for wholesale items from China?

You’ll be glad to hear that a large number of wholesale suppliers in China offer free shipping on their products to make their company stand out in the competition.

In many cases free shipping is only available if you purchase a certain amount of items – which is a good way of enticing you to spend more money with them.

To the wholesalers, shipping is an insignificant cost to pay to have and keep customers. The cost of shipping isn’t very high in China – as we looked at before – however offering free shipping to their customers make their company much more appealing.

One thing to look out for however is that many wholesale companies in China who offer free shipping on their items are often misleading. In many cases they have been quite sneaky and actually included the price of shipping into the cost of the item to cover their costs. Always do your research and check if free shipping really is free shipping or if you could get the same product from a different company at a cheaper price who doesn’t offer free shipping.

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How to Find Wholesale Suppliers in China with Free Shipping

The best way to find wholesale suppliers in China with free shipping is to search on the internet. A simple search such as: ‘china wholesaler free shipping’ should bring back a multitude of results for you to choose from.

However, remember to bear in mind what we mentioned before – always be weary of websites offering free shipping as this is often just a tactic to lure you in and you may actually end up paying more for your items.