China Wholesale Fashion

All around the world millions of people are taking advantage of the benefits they get from purchasing fashion wholesale from China. In this guide we shall look in more detail at how you too can benefit from the Chinese wholesale fashion industry.

Why do People Purchase Wholesale Fashion from China

China is renowned for offering quality products at significantly lower prices than their western country counterparts.

Thanks to low labor and production costs the savings can be passed onto retailers. China has specialized factories that produce millions of products each and every day – with mass production being their key to success.

By purchasing wholesale fashion from China you will be maximizing your profit margin compared to purchasing from a local wholesaler.

The cost of fabric in China is very low and they source most of their materials locally helping keep their production costs at a minimum.

The quality of products from China has significantly increased in recent years. Whereas items in the past were renowned for their low quality – factories have seen major renovations that have meant the quality of products have improved.

It is not just retailers who are benefitting from purchasing wholesale fashion from China – many consumers are realizing that some Chinese wholesalers will sell items to consumers without having to buy huge amounts of the item. You can save money on your clothes meaning you can update your wardrobe more regularly as well as getting items that other people cannot purchase from local stores.

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How can you Profit from Wholesale Fashion from China

There are several ways to profit from wholesale fashion from China. As we mentioned before, wholesale fashion from China is significantly cheaper than buying locally in most cases – thanks to their low production costs that mean their prices are low for their customers.

A huge number of people around the world are purchasing bulk wholesale fashion from China and starting up their own online business – most notably on sites such as EBay.

EBay is a worldwide community meaning that you can sell your products to a global market meaning that you have a very good chance of selling your items and making a profit.

Retail store owners also profit from purchasing their fashion items wholesale from China. China has a huge range of items on offer so retailers can offer their customers a great variety of quality products at good value prices. By purchasing the fashion from China instead of locally they will have maximum profits.

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Wholesale Fashion from China and Dropshipping

Many online fashion retailers are using the Dropshipping method of selling their items to help eliminate a large amount of the risk of purchasing wholesale.

Dropshipping means that the person selling the items to the consumer does not need to have their items actually in their possession. Instead, they have an agreement with a fashion wholesaler in China and when they get an order for a specific item they have on sale they contact their wholesaler who will then ship the item directly to the purchaser.

Many fashion wholesalers in China do not charge a fee for Dropshipping whereas others charge a subscription fee. However, for fashion retailers who have little warehouse space get huge benefits from Dropshipping as it means they do not have to pay extra for storage space.

Most retailers using the Dropshipping method try to disguise the fact they use this method as it has a stigma attached to it. Often they will organize with the wholesaler in China to change the return address label to that of the retailer instead of the wholesaler.

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What to Look out for when purchasing Wholesale Fashion from China

The main thing to remember when purchasing wholesale fashion from China is to do your research. If you plan on buying huge quantities of a fashion item or items try and get hold of a sample of the product or just purchase a minimum quantity to minimize financial risk for you and your business.

Also check the refund policy of the fashion wholesaler and make sure that you pay for your items using a secure payment method such as PayPal.