China Wholesale Distributors

China is one of the most popular places for foreign countries to purchase their wholesale items thanks to the great prices that the distributors can offer. In this guide we shall look in more detail at wholesale distributors in China.

Using the Internet to find a China Wholesale Distributor

The internet is a fantastic resource – a large number of businesses are using the internet to purchase their wholesale items from China for resale at a profit in their home country.

Many wholesale distributer websites in China now offer B2B e-commerce platforms through which you can perform transactions directly with the wholesale distributor through an interactive website offering voice chat and instant messaging 24/7. They try to make the process as realistic as possible so it is very little different to working with a local wholesale distributor.

You can also purchase lists of wholesale distributors in China. While you can get lists for free if you search hard enough, it is often worth paying the small amount for a wholesale distributor list if you are serious about your business as they can give you all of the different distributors, their contact details and specialties all on one convenient list.

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Other ways of finding a China Wholesale Distributor

Large Chinese wholesale distributors regularly visit trade shows in large cities around the world to speak to potential customers about the service and products they offer. It also gives you a chance to speak to Chinese wholesale distributors face to face without having to travel to China.

One of the best ways of finding a China wholesale distributor is to speak with friends and family members who may have contacts in China or experience working with wholesale distributors there. Personal references are the best way to eliminate a lot of the risk involved in working with a foreign wholesale distributor.

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What Products to Purchase from China Wholesale Distributors

You can purchase practically anything you want from wholesale distributors in China – however some products are much more popular than others.

Fashion, apparel and electronics are some of the most common items that are purchase from Chinese wholesale distributors as they are of a high quality and there are thousands of factories around China that specialize in these items and can produce them in mass at low cost.

There are some items you shouldn’t purchase from Chinese wholesale distributors however, as they may be prohibited in your home country and although you may get them delivered you may be breaking the law and face charges should you be caught.

Always be weary of fake items that are sold from China. You may see a lot of them being resold in your home country however they are breaking the law and it is best to avoid purchasing these items.

You should also be weary of leather goods as these can often be prohibited in some countries – always check before making a purchase.

Perishable goods are almost always prohibited so are not a good choice for purchasing from wholesale distributors in China.

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Choosing a China Wholesale Distributor

There are literally hundreds of wholesale distributors in China to choose from so it can be very difficult to know where to begin.

If you cannot get a personal recommendation from a friend or acquaintance then you will need to do the research yourself before choosing a China wholesale distributor.

The price of products should not be the only influential factor when choosing a wholesale distributor in China – as you may lose out on a lot of benefits. Many wholesale distributors offer free shipping on their items – however they will usually include the postage cost within the cost of their products so you don’t really get much of a benefit from this offer.

Always check the refund policy at each of your potential China wholesale distributors so that you are eliminating as much risk as possible should the products they provide not be what you expected.

Another way of eliminating risk when choosing a China wholesale distributor is to check that they offer secure payment methods such as PayPal – so that you are insured against any types of fraud.