China Wholesale Apparel

Buying Chinese Wholesale Apparel can be a fun and profitable experience for both wholesalers and consumers. The quality of apparel can be superb and the design of the clothing can be exquisite. Obviously the wholesaler can profit much more than the average consumer but it can be a satisfying experience for both.

Part of the reason why the clothing is so inexpensive is due to operations and logistics systems. The company will be the first to tell that the efficiency and complete in house manufacturing leads to the price. Unlike other countries they do not have to shop around the world to get it done cheaper.

The Chinese companies also do not have the extra cost of co-packing or using another company. Chinese apparel companies frequently do not have transport charges as everything is done at the factory. These three components lead to a greater efficiency and less cost to business and consumer.

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Other reasons why the pricing is so inexpensive is the bulk theory. Everyone gets it cheaper buying it in bulk. Wholesalers are given a discount, free shipping and a purchasing quota. Consumers need to find a manufacturer that allows them to purchase in bulk their wanted items. The following are great guidelines for both consumers and wholesalers.

The best bulk items to purchase are things that are not fad based and are bought yearly. Only wholesalers and consumers know their business and individual needs but in apparel things like turtlenecks, polo shirts and tee shirts that can be sold or worn every year are not a bad idea. Then hopefully the business or consumer has saved continuously for the special items. Attire like holiday party dresses, business attire and elegant couture.

The products that can be found for wholesalers are endless. There is everything including cocktail, prom, bridesmaids, and wedding dresses. The dresses are categorized as 2009 style and others being listed as 2010 style. The specifications of the dresses are with classifications of short, mini, empire, brush train, a line, princess, tea length and halter to name a few. Other favorites with endless possibilities include women’s clothing with some retro comebacks.

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Women’s clothing includes day dresses, crochet pieces, and yes the sweater dress is coming back. It also includes pieces made with spandex and leopard print as well as babydoll dresses. There is some women’s sweaters including cardigan, cable and tunic. Men’s clothing is limited to dress shirts and dress dickies. The cashmere selection has an assortment of cardigans only. Last but not least is the wedding apparel with every known dress including wedding dresses for the beach.

The apparel all sounds fantastic but how can a business or consumer be sure of what they are getting and if it is legitimate apparel? Chinese wholesale apparel companies sometimes get accused of stealing based on their location and sometimes are fraud victims themselves. Here are some tips for judging the items which sometimes can be done without purchasing the item first. Key details to look at begins with fabric. What type of fabric is used to make the garment? What type of shine does the fabric have and does the photo look true to that? Another key factor is embroidery or stitching .

Most manufacturers will not give stitching details but it is another factor in judging. The next indicators may be more easily used in judging fine apparel. Beading both its placement and stitching is an important indicator. Also the inside lining of the apparel does it have the same feel and movement? Lastly, the bodices of the garment. Do they duplicate the same fitting, hang and cling as the advertised garment? These indicators can be used to judge whether the received garment is a designer or cheaper quality from another company knock off.

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After all that information the proper pricing, the style, and the authenticity of the garment comes the easy part selling to consumers. Many of the apparel companies in China make it easy for the wholesaler by shipping with no mention of their company name on invoice or labels. This one thing sets it up where the consumer most always has to return to where they purchased it.